Cut Noise

Respect the local community


Making unacceptable noise outside is essentially disrespecting the local community.  And the authorities are complicit in that disrespect if they fail to take effective action to deal with it.

Community noise can be dealt with.  The relevant anti-social behaviour and planning legislation exists. 

These are the key things which need to be done:  

• deal with unacceptable noisy behaviour on the streets, including a clampdown on ‘boom’ cars playing amplified music

• restrict the number of music events allowed in any one park or open space in a year;

•  reject new developments that would cause unacceptable noise to the local community and impose impose and enforce tough noise conditions on all developments when they come before the relevant planning authority

• close down premises which continue to present a noise problem in a community

• restrict fireworks to a limited number of public displays each year; promote the use of silent fireworks

• impose tough conditions on busking.

All this is not difficult.  It simply requires the will-power to make it happen.