Cut Noise

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Cities Aren't Loud; Cars are Loud - by Notjustbikes

Urban noise is commonplace, and the vast majority of it is created by motor vehicles...... 

A very watchable and informative video.

How Noise Pollution is Ruining Your Life - by Niklas Christl

Highly recommended video  about how noise is all around us and silence is hard to find. Refreshing, fun, watchable



UK Noise Association:

Campaigning to cut noise in the UK

Noise Abatement Society:

Lobbying to reduce noise in the UK; provides a noise helpline: 01273 823850 

Noise Nuisance:

Assists people with neighbour and neighbourhood noise problems

Institute of Acoustics:


The campaign for freedom from piped music


Aviation Environment Federation:

representing community campaign groups at European airports

Sustainable Aviation:

an industry body


Transport for Quality of Life:

Campaign for Better Transport:

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England:

Cycling UK:

Storing Bicycles: 


Renewable Energy Foundation:

Think-tank opposed to the widespread introduction of wind farms

National Opposition to Wind Farms:

The European Wind Energy Association:

The World Nuclear Association: